Saturday, July 23, 2005

And the week following ...

Hmm. Let's review this past week, shall we?

I'm gonna have to say that the Jude Law and Nanny scandal was by far the juiciest. Poor Sienna Miller -- so young, so beautiful, so naive. But hey, Tom and Nicole's divorce catapulted her onto the A-list, so I can't see why this couldn't do the same for Sienna. No word yet on whether Jude and Sienna's engagement is still on, though Sienna's been spotted without her ring on. And now she's taking time off from her run of As You Like It at London's Wyndham Theatre. Gosh darnit, I was planning to go see her in that, too. Think she'll get over the dog by early September?

Actually, let's talk about Sienna Miller. She was slated to play Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick in "Factory Girl," but sources have said that she opted instead to do As You Like It. Who has the role of Sedgwick gone to, according to sources? Someone who, seemingly, could not be any more different: Katie Holmes. I'm appalled, to say the least. Sienna would've made a fantabulous Edie. Plus, Katie's not nearly near-anorexic-looking enough to pull it off.

Edie Sedgwick (Photo courtesy of some cool French site)

In other news, Frankie Muniz engaged!? I have nothing nice to say about that or him, so I shall say nothing else at all.

I heard that on the set of A Prairie Home Companion, Meryl Streep pulled Lindsay Lohan aside for a quick lecture on professionalism and showing up late to set. Lohan's publicist denies it ... or maybe she's just in denial. I would be too if I had her job and had to keep up with Lohan's plethora of escapades.

Monday, July 11, 2005

SoCal summer

So the verdict is in: Summerland, after next week, is no more. I'm not surprised (at least, not anymore), nor am I disappointed. Jesse McCartney irritates me more and more the more I see him on television. And you know a show's gone sour when you have a sister (Danielle Panabaker) of an actress playing a sister (Kay Panabaker) of one of the main characters of the show (Jesse McCartney) playing the sister of said main character's best friend ("Bryce"). I'm sure JMac's real upset about the show ... so upset that he's going to mourn with the release of a second album. I'm sure The WB will be a little more careful next time it announces to the world that a new show has had the best premiere of all WB shows ever, lest it follows Summerland's lead and falls off the mainland like Los Angeles is bound to break away from the rest of the United States in some million years ...

But fear not, you can still get your share of Southern California after Summerland has long sunken into the throes of the Pacific. Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. is back for its second season. This season promises to be not only juicier, but trashier in the way only Kristin knows how to shake Laguna Beach up. The preview for season two appeared in the show's new timeslot of Monday nights at 10pm tonight and promised to bring the drama of LBHS' Class of 2005 along with a little bit of the drama of the Class of 2004 (minus the two brunettes, because they only detract from the show) ... the stakes seem a little higher, now that Lauren's licking Stephen's nose and Kristin is torn between staying with Stephen and moving onto bigger and better things. My vote for new favorite cast member? No, not cute-as-a-button Taylor (who shares the same exact name as Taylor Cole, female hottie of the aforementioned show Summerland), but old-timer Jessica Smith, Kristin's best friend and Dieter's ex-girlfriend.

If you couldn't tell, I cannot wait.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Lots of teen-show news ...

What's this I hear about Summerland being canceled? And I thought The WB proudly remarked that it was the most-watched premiere ever. On The WB, that is.

I've done my share of poking around on the internet and can find no official confirmation (of course not, the show is still on air as far as The WB is concerned). Rumors started flying when The WB announced their new fall lineup and Summerland was nowhere to be found. But Summerland's one of those weird shows that shows up in January and July -- I'm not gonna be concerned until I hear it from the horse's mouth.

Secondly, I just wanted to do a little so-called self-promotion: if you have digital cable, you should all check out a new show premiering tonight at 9pm called Instant Star. Especially if you're over the target audience's age, because it's just that much funnier. Little Tommy Q's "Girl, you're it." (I'm paraphrasing.) But best of all, it stars Alexz Johnson, a girl I (and I'm sure many of you) first spotted on the Disney Channel show So Weird. Well, she's all grown up now and a full-blown redhead on Instant Star, where she finally gets a chance to make use of that beautiful voice of hers. And plus, Kris Turner (Jamie)'s cute too.

Oh, and Nick Carter. Who's he with these days? Last I heard he hooked up with some English celebrity named Javine Hylton (hasn't he learned his lesson with those Hiltons?), but now I'm hearing that his new girlfriend is Brittny Gastineau ... weird, just weird. Considering I've seen quite a few episodes of The Gastineau Girls and never have I gotten an indication from Brittny that she's into guys remotely close to her in age -- nevertheless boy band members.

Pick me, Nick, pick me!