Friday, October 28, 2005

Who's the Blondest of Them All?

Looking for the latest Laguna Beach gossip? Click here. Dude, I should totally make Laguna its own section ...

I'm heading out of the city today, then out of the country for a few days after that, so updates will be nonexistent for the next week or so. Hopefully all the Laguna goodness will hold you up.

I've managed to pull together a few findings, though:

The National Ledger is reporting that Liz Smith (of Page Six) heard that the photos of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn at it in Chicago were a set up. Smith says, "It was 'time' for the story to break, but naturally, neither star wants to actually say the words 'Sure, we're fooling around.'"

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys recently proclaimed his desire to meet/be with/what have you Sarah Harding of the British girl group Girls Aloud. He told The Mirror that "[t]he blonde one is hot. I've seen their photos and the whole band's pretty hot. We definitely wouldn't mind meeting them ... I think Sarah's my ideal woman."

Ideal woman as in ideal ... man? She has the most masculine face of the five, although I guess it speaks loads to be the blondest and most sexed-up one. Why, why, why do girly-looking men always go for manly-looking girls?! If Jessica Simpson and Sienna Miller were to spawn a sexually altered daughter, I think that's what it would look like. Sarah Harding. The Blonde One.

As the end of October draws near, it's time to face the music and realize that ... yes, it's NaNoWriMo time! NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, which basically means a bunch of crazy people will be chugging coffee non-stop for all of November in an attempt to write a coherent novel of 50,000 words by November 30th. If you'd like to participate, go to and sign up today -- writing begins at the stroke of midnight on November 1st.

Time to pack The Laptop away ... have a great week!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lots of Love

This is a collection of fodder from the past couple of days, while I was filling you kids up with Laguna talk (if you're looking for that, click here), so some of this news may be a little less than fresh. With that, we forge onwards in the sea of celebrity gossip ...

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams -- grocery shopping! I'm sure you've seen the pictures, and I'm sure you've heard the news. But I couldn't resist, they are so cute together. I'd want to kill any other girl, but she's Rachel McAdams. You can't kill her ... [Photo courtesy of Splash News]

Laguna Beach fans, you're in luck -- Talan Torriero, who is currently working on an album, is said to be debuting his single "Dead in Hollywood" in next Monday's episode! Alex Murrel should also be singing, as the episode will document what exactly went on at the Laguna Beach landslide benefit in Laguna Beach last August. Laguna Beach: Life Inside The Bubble will hit bookshelves November 15th, and a Laguna Beach soundtrack is rumored to be dropped sometime next month as well.

I don't know whether this has been known or not, but this is news to me (and I'm hoping it's news to you!): the reason Paris Hilton shut Nicole Richie out of her life -- until now -- is because Richie played One Night in Paris at a party she threw in January, according to Entertainment Wise. Hilton was also recently hit with a $10 million lawsuit -- an aspiring actress/model/film producer (and Paris Latsis' ex-girlfriend) named Zeta (!) Graff claims that Hilton spread vicious lies about her "to be published in the New York Post". The two had a run-in in late June at London nightclub Kabaret, where Graff reportedly "tried to snatch a $4 million diamond necklace off Hilton's neck, and had to be physically restrained by security guards before she was booted out of the club. An unnamed source is quoted as saying she witnessed Graff screaming and trying to strangle Hilton." But Graff is singing a different tune -- she says that "it was Hilton who tapped her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, 'You're a f---ing bitch. I'm going to destroy you,'". Graff, ever the optimist (in her mid-30s), is suing Hilton because the story in New York Post has besmirched her reputation and good name. [Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos photo courtesy of]

Sad as Paris Hilton is, I think this Zeta Graff is sadder. Honey, you ain't ever gonna make it if you haven't by now. Especially with the name Zeta! Stop trying to make a quick buck off of news no one remembers anymore ...

And Paris' debut album is rumored to have a release date in late January. "Turn It Up" is her first single, said to be released sometime next week -- at least it will be in the UK! Hilton tells MTV UK: "I wanted to create an album that actually gave messages to my fans ... whilst keeping a certain groove and upbeat feel all the way through." Except I don't think Paris actually used the word "whilst." 'Cause that would've been cool. Find the tracklisting here.

Nicole Richie is instead planning to follow in Britney, Paris, and MKA's (among others') footsteps and launch a perfume of her own! She's still sniffing around for original scents (we hear she's thinking about lavender and ginger notes), but she already has a name in mind -- Different.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Laguna time!

Here it is ... this is by far my longest post ever. So much juicy gossip!

Okay, the -- arguably -- juiciest bit first. Here's what really went down with Jason Wahler and why he couldn't walk at graduation (or was kicked out of school). From the Laguna Beach Police blotter:
Sunday, April 10 [2005]:
Forest Ave & Beach St – 1:33AM 647F
Officers responded to a disturbance called in by a taxi driver. On
scene, Jason Daniel Wahler, 18 of Laguna Beach was arrested for
public intoxication.

The season two cast dishes on one another in this week's People magazine.

Stephen and Kristin/L.C.
"Kristin flipped out when the show started airing [because of what was going on with LC]," Stephen revealed. "She locked herself in rooms and wouldn't talk to me."
Maxine says: Stephen - 0, Kristin - 1. Whatever she was doing inside those rooms was right, because she came out smelling like a rose.

Jessica and Jason
Jason says, looking back on his relationship with Jessica, "She was kind of psycho ... possessive and always calling." Jessica countered Jason's claims by saying, "I came across as a very naive, stupid, whiny crybaby -- I'm not like that. I can hold my own ... I don't even talk to him anymore. I don't have any interest in talking to him either."
Maxine says: Jessica - 1, Jason - 0. Good for Jessica. As Kristin The Sage Cavallari once said, "You shouldn't be talking to Jason. All he does is hurt you."

Jason and L.C.
"He has a great personality -- he just gets shy in front of the camera," Lauren told People. But she goes onto say, "All of my boyfriends are trouble."
Maxine says: Jason - 1, Lauren - 0. J. Wahl gets the girl ... yet again.

Kristin and Taylor
"They've just never gotten along," Talan said about the mini-feud the two always seemed to be having. "There's really no reason."
Maxine says: Kristin - 0, Taylor - 1. But what about Episode 1, Season 1, Kristin? You told Stephen that Taylor said that she'd seen Lauren's car in his driveway!

People goes on to report on where the kids are now. Seems like everyone except for Jessica has moved to Los Angeles to pursue their career. Jason's career is ... along the lines of Paris Hilton's: "We don't stop partying," he said. "The show has helped my dating -- times 30." Hmm ... by formally introducing him to Lauren? Jessica, cute little whiner that she is, said, "I'm the only one still here." K. Cav (Kristin) says, "I would love to have a career like Cameron Diaz's." While Stephen provides a little insight -- perhaps he is dating Trishelle: "I'm dating older people. Like, young 20s." Lauren, when asked about "a rumored style-themed show," failed to reveal anything. "I'm sworn to secrecy."

That's not it! An article in The Seattle Times gives voice to some of the lesser-known cast members.

Dieter Schmitz started up Running Home 4 Teens because of his personal battle with depression after his breakup with Jessica!!!

Jason said that he loves Lauren. When asked to elaborate on why he never says anything substantial on the show (just grumbling noises, right?), he said, "It was just the situations they put me in. They [MTV] set you up and they'll be like, 'Listen, you're going to go to this place and talk about this.' It makes me really uncomfortable." Honey. That's why they pay you. He reveals that the breakup scene with Jessica was a reenactment -- not that we couldn't tell: "I broke up with Jessica three or four weeks before that ... I wasn't going to call her and break up with her on camera for real." Duh. I mean, Jessica would've been on the floor crying if it had been real. Props to Jessica for forming those precious tears, though, and to Kristin for acting the part of the Sympathetic Friend.

Alex Murrel revealed that "Jason's like the guy who you get a little buzz on and then you kiss him. I'm telling you, everyone has kissed Jason." Even Kristin? Even Kristin: "I've kissed him! But that's it."

A Dieter and Jessica reunion? They looked pretty cozy at Knott's Berry Farm recently ... "She comes up [to Los Angeles] and I've been going back to Laguna a lot," said Dieter. "I love the girl and I'll always love her. She knows that." He added that he didn't know about them getting back together, but hey -- maybe he's supposed to keep mum about it and save it for Season Three. Just don't have a depression relapse 'cause of her, k, Dieter?

Alex Hooser and Alex Murrel are moving in together -- probably because Kristin and Brody Jenner have gotten together. But don't think Alex H. hasn't scored herself a man -- Alex M. set her up with one of the guys in her band! Alex M. also revealed that "MTV kind of forced me to be friends with [Casey]." Ooh, bring on further speculation that Casey was a hired actress MTV implanted into Laguna that went horribly wrong!

Jason, Stephen and Dieter are roommates. Both J. Wahl and Stephen are taking acting classes while Dieter's an intern at a talent agency.

Kristin has a small role in an upcoming Al Pacino movie called 88 Minutes -- she didn't have to audition, but she doesn't know what the part is yet.

And the best for last ... Stephen is single and ready to mingle! He's looking for "someone who is mature, has a good personality, loves to have fun and 'can keep up.'"

Talan's keeping himself on the d-l, isn't he?

Despite what I may or may not have told you, the season finale airs on November 14th.

[Photo credits: Season Two cast photo,; Dieter and Jessica photo, WireImage; Alex and Alex photo, laguna4life on The Real OC Proboard; Stephen photo, Pink is The New Blog; other photos, No Idea. If you want credit for your photos, leave me a comment and I will gladly give it to you!]

Monday, October 24, 2005

Seems like everyone we know is breakin' up ....

According to In Touch, Chad Michael Murray wants Sophia Bush back. Their source says, "Working together nearly everyday has actually made the breakup harder for Chad, since now he realizes what he's lost." He's been showering her with flowers and gifts. Men. They never know what they've got till it's gone.

Nicole Richie has called off her wedding, says NineMSN, and it's not the first time. Following in the footsteps of the cancellation in July [which was said to be because of bickering between Nicole and fiance DJ AM (Adam Goldstein)], the reason now is because Nicole's dress is too big! She chose her "perfect wedding dress" in February, but has since shed enough pounds for it to cause a significant problem in the scheme of things. “Nicole’s ideas for the wedding were getting more and more grand and the guest list was in the high hundreds, whereas Adam’s plan was to keep it simple,” said the source. “They kept bickering about it, then it all came to a head when Nicole started talking about flowers and Adam wondered if they even needed any. Nicole stormed out and said the wedding was off.” [Photo courtesy of]

Hmm. Apparently *N Sync's "Greatest Hits" album is due out tomorrow. I had no idea, and that makes me want to laugh.

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff were photographed today in Los Angeles. Together. Still no word on whether the rumors about Rachel Bilson and Braff are true, though it seems that Moore doesn't believe them. [Photo courtesy of Matrix]

Kimberly Stewart and Ryan Cabrera have been spotted all over Los Angeles, making out like sloppy dogs. Cabrera seems to have a penchant for blonde daughter-to-rock-legends. He was linked with one of the Richards sisters (I believe it was Theodora) earlier on. And if Big Papa Joe Simpson had any say, I'm sure he would've been a rock legend by now too.

Ashlee Simpson says that her inspiration for the song "Eyes Wide Open" on her new album I Am Me was a ghost whose presence she felt at the house her parents leased to her: "I swore there was a ghost in the house. I know it sounds a little crazy but my mom thought there was one too. We kind of made a joke of it and called her Shelly but I was really scared ... It didn't feel like something mean, I just felt like there was something in my house."

HUGE GOSSIPY Laguna Beach update tomorrow!!! There's tons of juicy gossip ...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

They're Just Like Us!

This has got to be the greatest photo ever. Well, not really, but it's highly amusing:

It's Mr. Britney Spears II (Kevin Federline)'s ex-wife Shar Jackson and Britney Spears' ex-husband (Jason Allen Alexander) from Wednesday at the Jamie/Maddie Jeans fashion show in Los Angeles. Chances are they met at Mr. and Mrs. Spears' wedding and became fast friends. But do you think Shar was even invited? I'm sure it's just a friendly photo, but ... wasn't she seeing Quentin Tarantino? [Photo courtesy of AOL]

The Rock revealed in a recent interview with that Mandy Moore plays his wife in the upcoming film Southland Tales, and Sarah Michelle Gellar plays his girlfriend. Hmm ...

I've been meaning to report this for some time now, but better gossip has gotten in the way. Lindsay Lohan's being a drama queen again. In the latest issue of some teenybopper magazine (sorry for my lack of professionalism here), she says the reason she was so thin was because, "I was very rebellious and going through that phase that everyone goes through. When I got out, I was really thin. I lost like 20 to 25 pounds. I was on IV drips. I nearly died!" What rebellious phase that everyone goes through? Anorexia nervosa? And if I recall correctly (and I know I do, at least in this case), you said, upon leaving the hospital, that you'd lost 15 pounds. What's going on there, Lohan?

I have NO idea how I found this, but LiveJournal user xcdrummerchic who, presumably, attends Emerson College in Boston, MA hinted that Kristin Cavallari of Laguna Beach is going to be transferring there in the coming semester. Okay, what's up with all these random transfer stories? It's kind of like The Facebook -- a free-for-all. Yep, and Kristin's currently attending Iowa State. Right.

I've forgotten to report that there are only two episodes remaining in this season of Laguna Beach. The season will come to a prompt end on November 7th, and guess what? Stephen Colletti will not be returning for a third season. Kristin of E! spoke to him at the T-Mobile Sidekick 2 party this past week, and asked him whether he and Paris Hilton ever had a fling. He responded quite strongly (obviously, he hasn't been through interview-training yet): Stephen's jaw literally fell open, and he looked as if he might fall backward. After a five second pause (I counted), he repeated the word no seven times (I'm no math major, but I also counted that), and then said, "No, she's cool. We're friends." So get him while he's hot (and still accessible by way of television), girls! (And guys who may fancy him.)

Mischa Barton, according to Digital Spy, has apologized to her fellow cast mates about having asked for a raise. A friend told the Daily Star that "Mischa is really embarrassed because the claims have been wildly exaggerated ... so she's been making amends by home baking and hand delivering."

Lastly, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn went and met his parents! I guess it's official, huh? Stars are just like us! They follow old-fashioned rules of courtship!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Baby Talk

Seems like the rumors about Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson goin' at it may have some truth to them. A very dirty blog by the name of "Drunken Stepfather" posted some personal photos of kids hanging out at a club or bar with the "couple." They both look a little ... out of it.

Britney Spears has decided against selling those photos I posted earlier (which I'm going to promptly take down now, before I get sued). She claims that they were stolen from the photo shoot (which would explain why they were so small) and that she's decided that it's better to protect Baby Federline's identity. We all know that it's because the photos have been leaked and she wants the moolah for them.

Speaking of baby photos, here's one of Heidi Klum, Seal with daughter Leni and newborn baby son Henry! Isn't it precious? [Photo courtesy of ivymiller on JJB]

Prince William will be joining the army next year as an officer cadet at Sandhurst military academy, reports Reuters. For now, though, he's be joining the bloody annoying HSBC bank for some work experience. "As second in line to the throne," writes Reuters, "William has the prospect of eventually becoming Commander in Chief of Britain's armed forces -- the role traditionally occupied by the monarch." Poor Harry -- he doesn't get to do anything ...

Random photos of Talan Torriero of Laguna Beach (I think it can go without saying now, really) hanging with his buddies Ryan Cabrera, Nick Cannon and ... WHOA the hottie from One Tree Hill! What's his name, Mike Copon?
Dude, I didn't want to say it before because I didn't think Stephen was really worth it, but ... can I be your friend?

Friday, October 21, 2005

If only things were the way they were again ...

Lindsay Lohan's back to black! Well, not really. But her hair is a nice dark brown. It doesn't quite suit her, but that's what I said when she dyed it blonde ... [Photo courtesy of] spoke to Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari at the Rock & Republic fashion show in Los Angeles on Wednesday night about her plans post-Laguna Beach: "I like both comedy and drama, so we'll see ... I've had a lot of meetings trying to decide my next career move. There's things we're talking aobut, but I don't want to jinx it." Dammit, why can't MTV even get the name of their newest star right!?

Attention whore Lou Pearlman, who founded such pop groups as Backstreet Boys and *N Sync is speaking out about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's marriage. He told Star magazine that the couple's recent trip to Italy was a "last-ditch attempt to save their marriage." He also added that Lachey told Jeff Timmons, formerly of boy band 98 Degrees and current client of Pearlman's, that "My marriage is shaky right now. I'm hoping this trip will turn things around. This trip could be a second honeymoon -- or preparation for a divorce. I don't know what's going to happen, and Jessica doesn't know what's going to happen, but we're going to give it our best shot." Might I add that both Nick and Jessica's reps are denying these claims?

[IMAGE REMOVED, out of fear.] Britney Spears posed for photos with baby Sean Preston Federline in People magazine. She looks pretty damn good for someone who looked like a flesh-colored Grimace (one of Ronald McDonald's friends). Baby's not lookin' too bad either -- yet. [Photo courtesy of Wikipedia]

Things are getting messy between Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. In the newest Jane magazine, Richie reveals that "We really haven't been friends in probably about two years." When asked about a possible reconciliation, she said, "No, not at this point." Well, of course, this interview was done months ago, so ... still not sure what's going on between the two of them -- alTHOUGH ...

"Oh No They Didn't!" is reporting that Richie tried to prevent Hilton from entering LA nightclub LAX last Friday. Richie's fiance, DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein), owns the club and she had the doormen tell Hilton that, "Nicole doesn't want you here." But with her sleazy and wily ways, Hilton managed to get in and began "pulling down beads ... and throwing them at Nicole." When she was good and drunk, she bitched at Nicole and basically accused her of leaking "that f*cking picture" and was promptly escorted out. But not before screaming, "Your movie sucks!" Nicole, probably less drunk and definitely more educated, said, "At least it's coming out!"

Not sure it's true, because it sounds too good to be true. We'll see -- in time -- if Season Four of The Simple Life ever comes around ... [Photo courtesy of "Oh No They Didn't!" who was unclear about where they got the picture. Forrest Nelson, maybe?]

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Blondes Strike Back!

Someone who knows someone who knows Taylor Cole from Laguna Beach is happily sharing all their secrets with the World Wide Web. He or she writes, on "Oh No They Didn't!" that both Cedric Channels (J. Wahl's sidekick and wearer of the pink briefs) and Taylor (and about fifteen percent of Laguna Beach High School graduates) go to the University of Arizona, and Talan Torriero went to visit and "never left, so he is trying to get in starting next semester. Also, Jason [Wahler] was never on the baseball team. Rosters from their high[]school apparently prove this ... and the biggie: Jason is in rehab for coke."

Take a deep breath. That was a lot.

Now that cool-down time's over, it's time to get dirty. First of all, I highly doubt that Talan's thinking of enrolling in school in Arizona. I mean, dude, is he going to build a makeshift recording studio in his apartment? How's he going to continue causing a ruckus with Lindsay Lohan? And Brittany Snow? How many girls is he balancing in his little black book right now, anyway? Secondly, Jason? Coke? Rehab? Nah. I mean, does he look like a cokehead to you, in his antique car? He's been seen all over the place with "hottie with a body" Lauren Conrad in the past couple of weeks. And plus, isn't he at that Catholic Aquinas school?

So ... Tara Reid said she's giving up alcohol.

And just when you thought the world was coming to an end, Paris Hilton saves the day with some worthless celebrity fodder. Apparently Tom Sizemore (of Saving Private Ryan) claims that he got some nookie with Hilton when the sound of "repeated clicks of a cigarette lighter" in his house after a party led him to the sex video star. He then suggested that the have sex. He also claims that she said, upon leaving his house the next morning, "Goin' to Sundance. See you next week." Bitch.

Of course she's saying that no such thing ever happened. And, this time, I actually believe her. I mean, he is trying to sell his sex tape, "The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal." [Photos courtesy of and a very unfortunate girl named Kim Cohen.]

So the big question that everyone's been dying to know the answer to: why wasn't Ashton Kutcher's twin brother Michael invited to the Ashton-Demi wedding? Well, tells the boys' mother to Star magazine (a reputable source, I know): “We were determined to keep the wedding a secret and we though the best way to do that was keep Melissa [the wife of Ashton’s brother, Michael] out of the loop ...”. Meaning she has very, very loose lips. Mrs. Kutcher went on to say that it was “a favor to Ashton from a loving brother.” Aww.

And lastly, with everyone hatin' on Ashlee Simpson (even going as far as calling her album "I Am Dreadful"), she seems to be taking things in stride. says that she thinks people have been nicer to her ever since she dyed her hair back to its natural color: "People are nicer to me. They smile at me as I walk down the street ... It's funny because with your hair colour you don't change as a person. But when you have that jet black hair people like think that you might be a little bit scarier. But I'm not scary at all!"
Or maybe they just want to befriend you so they'll be there when you need some comforting when everyone starts slamming your new album. Free drinks, anyone? [Photo courtesy of Clasos]

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Co-stars revolt!

"Oh my God, we're back again ..." Yes, it's the return of the Lohan Twins. The I-Made-Lindsay-Who-She-Is-Todays -- Boobies, if you will. Looks like Lindsay Lohan has made a safe return to Healthydom. Glad to have you back. Now it's time to turn our attention to Hilary Duff, although her causes for weight-loss have less to do with food portions than ... oh, here's where I shut my mouth. I've already said too much. [Photo courtesy of]

The New York Post is reporting that Bam Margera has told Us Weekly that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have seriously -- no, seriously -- called it quits. Poor Nick is still denying all of the rumors. What else does he have without Jessica, though? [Photo courtesy of Gotta love that pic.]

Another celebrity is speaking out about his co-star's marital status. Ray Winstone, who is currently filming Beowulf with Angelina Jolie, is saying (basically), "What!? You didn't know that Angelina and Brad Pitt were engaged!?" Hmm ...

Naughty, naughty co-stars.

And a pic I found of Jason Wahler and Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach. I should've posted it earlier, before they aired the episode when the two got together. What a weird couple. What a mofo, with that weird car of his ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Laguna Matata

Apparently Us Weekly is claiming that Laguna Beach's Stephen Colletti and the infamous Trishelle (Cannatella) of The Real World HAVE hooked up. I really don't want to know all the gruesome details and would prefer not to think of pure little Stephen that way. But it's out there ... all of Trishelle's germs and STDs. As the once-wise Stephen has said, "Just wear a jimmy. Maybe even two."

Here's a lovely photo of Stephen hitting up the beer bong from this past weekend in New York City (although I heard that he was spotted in Long Island. What the hell is he doing out there!?). Credit goes to the girl who got to meet him in his fortunate condition, who posted this on her MySpace.

Speaking of MySpace, I'm not one who condones the sharing of stalking products, but someone posted this on a Laguna Beach forum and it's too funny to pass up. Alex Murrel left Alex Hooser a comment on her MySpace that reads:
alyhoooossyyy im sayin halooooosssyyyyy......"these are the dayss of our lives".....lets get blacked out tonight yeyaaaaa.....erik and his lil pizza haha....u me erik and chris are gonna go to disneyland haha thats gonna be funnyyyy timess......with lil erik....long e gong a cong yong spong hong e rong e spong cong o mong e spong!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. Kong rong i song tong i non song u cong kong song spong..hahaha spong will one day rule the world!!

I don't think I should have to elaborate on that.

I also don't feel that I should have to report or elaborate on the Ebay listing of Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes Benz headlight from that awful crash she had over a week ago. It could be funny, but no one's bid on yet. At least not since I checked ...

I happened to walk by the television last night, and Charlotte Church was doing an interview on some station. Last time I heard her speak was when she was twelve or thirteen and promoting her first album. But now she's doing the rounds, promoting her pop-album "Tissues and Issues." Let me just tell you -- I would not get touch that girl with a ten-foot pole. Gawd. First of all, she looks awful. Like Hillary Clinton before the presidential years plus another twenty years. She kind of looked like an unstylish Anna Wintour, even. Especially with that hideous new bob of hers. Second of all, she seemed like a terribly nasty person. She gave off the "I'm rich, young and famous and I don't give a flying f*ck about you, can you fetch me a glass of wine, though?" Yeah. And check this out ... photos of her observing her boyfriend Gavin Henson getting his hair cut. If I were the hair cutter, I'd probably be trembling with fear. Okay. End of caring about Welsh celebrities.

Page Six is reporting some not-so-kind things about Kirsten Dunst. It's about time that she, like Aaron Carter, got herself some new friends. Page Six says: Some of Kirsten Dunst's pals are concerned about the talented actress. The blond pixie showed up to the premiere of her flick "Elizabethtown" last week "disheveled," said one spy. At the after-party at Providence, Dunst proceeded to "drink a lot and got very loud and obnoxious. She was very pushy." Sadly, we hear it's not an uncommon occurrence. Nah. Her friends are cool. It's these so-called "spies" who aren't.

And the last bit for today ... apparently, The N has posted photos from The Click Five visit on their site,, and my face is plastered all over a certain flipbook. Good times. Just to clarify -- I'm not a fan. The N just felt bad that The Click Five had to perform for a bunch of mid-to-late twenty-year-olds who were waaaayyy out of their target age group. Clearly. [Photo courtesy of, courtesy of Stu. My nose looks like it's been Photoshopped. Hmm ... but I like the eye-contact going on between Eric whatever-his-last-name-is ... Hill? Hobb? and I.]

Monday, October 17, 2005

Before They Were Stars: The Hair-y Edition

Okay, so I got my hands on a copy of Ryan Cabrera's pre-Ashlee Simpson, pre-Take It All Away (and probably pre-big hair) album, Elm Street. I'd like to know what the hell's happened to him since! I went out and purchased my copy of Take It All Away the day it came out and it was a decent album, but his newest album is crap! Honestly ... nothing's catchy and I don't believe a word he sings. He's settled far too comfortably into his "nice guy" image and is clearly telling the girls what he knows they want to hear. His Elm Street stuff sounds so much more real, raw and less-produced. (And so was his hair, I'll bet.) Resprout a backbone, Cabrera. And bring on the sax for another rendition of the jazz-infused "Spanish Song!" (I know ... wtf, right?)
[Photos courtesy of]

So rumors are flying that Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody may no longer be a couple ... it seems as it Bilson fell for co-star Zach Braff during the summer shoot for The Last Kiss. Not sure if this is true, but I'd be heartbroken if it were. BUT I have discovered the reason why he didn't have a prom date in high school!

(Very San Diego of him. At least he has an excuse for looking that way ...)

(Okay, I would've dated that ...)
[Photos courtesy of "Oh No They Didn't!"]

From "Oh No They Didn't!": Paris Hilton just got added to another celebrity's black-list. Kirsten Dunst left her table at LA nightclub Mood momentarily, only to return to find that Hilton had taken it over. Try as she might, Dunst couldn't get it back and had to move out of the packed VIP section altogether. Apparently, she was overheard muttering, "I hate that girl."

Laguna Beach. So I don't know how many of you know this, or how long it's BEEN known, but Talan Torriero is in the unsinkable Kaci Brown's music video for "Unbelievable." I really dislike that girl -- had to sit through two awful performances where she ran from one corner of the stage to another in her Uggs (in the middle of the summer, no less!), screaming "I'm soooooo excited!!!! Are YOU exciteddddddd!??????" and romping her head around. But anyway, you came here for Talan news, not Kaci Brown. Well, he is. If (God forbid), you go to Kaci's website, you'll be able to find a link to the video. He's the one in the black shirt for most of the video, although there's a guy in a blue shirt later on who seems Talan-esque. I'm not linking to her site. This is as far as I go to "promote" the girl.

But I am leaving you with a cute (as much as I can say that about him) photo of Talan at some event where he's fooling around with Chinese tea sets. I'm liking his new look. Very Ashlee Simpson of him to dye his hair dark. [Photo courtesy of Getty Images]

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Crunch time ...

According to a caller to a Chicago radio station, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were seen smooching at Chicago's Gibson's restaurant. Apparently Aniston was calling Vaughn "honey." The photo was supposedly taken the same night, but who knows.

So since I last updated, The Simple Life is ... back on? Paris Hilton is said to have written an apology to one-time pal Nicole Richie. According to sources, The WB and NBC are in talks to pick up the fourth season of the show, since FOX can no longer "see a place" for it in their schedule.

Paris' boyguard got the two in a somewhat awkward situation outside LA nightclub Mood. A photographer got too close to him, so he attacked and yelled, "Don't ever touch me." I guess Paris felt a little bad about it all, because she started signing photographs. Maybe, after all we've been through, Paris is starting to grow on me. It's all Perez Hilton's doing, I tell ya. Why does Paris look so damn cute in those photos!? And feel bad about using the word "bullshit?"

Must. Stay. Away. From. Perez. Hilton.

Aaron Carter needs new friends. And family, too, but we'll save that for another day (when I'm married to his older brother Nick). So anyway. Little Carter's friends are talking trash about him to the tabloids, AGAIN. Now they're building on the hookah/marijuana story they sold earlier this year and saying that they're concerned about his drug abuse. One particularly honorable friend told New York's Daily News: "He has been hanging out with a bunch of older guys in Los Angeles, and smoking way too much weed ... He's been missing appointments, not showing up to things. It's gotten out of hand, and people are worried." I think this "friend" is just jealous he's not a big boy himself. Then again, if I were Aaron, I'd be in far worse shape than he is. Poor kid.

Mischa Barton has reportedly been asking for a raise for her work on The O.C. People, surprisingly, are being sympathetic. Maybe it's because they all think her new beau, Cisco Adler, is a jackass and that she should go back to Brandon Davis (I, for one, am!). Well it's a point for Team Davis, because everyone's saying that the only reason Barton's been asking for a raise is because Adler's a tightwad. But that's no need for a six-figure-per-episode salary! Save that for the fourth season.

And lastly, some stupid Laguna Beach "news." Recently at the Boost Mobile Celebrity Surf Weekend in southern California, the cast was "so hung over they couldn't catch a wave." That's sad. These kids have nothing better to do all day but to drink, smoke pot, snort cocaine and sleep with one another. They can't even do that right!? I'll bet it was Alex Hooser who gave it away when she ran by Stephen and Jason yelling, "It's a fiiiiieeeeeessssstaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Friday, October 14, 2005

Album Review: I Am Me, Ashlee Simpson

There's no denying it this time around: I love Ashlee Simpson. Her new album I Am Me (which drops October 18th in the United States) takes a big leap from her first album, the somewhat ill-fated Autobiography, but builds upon the same Ashlee we have come to know and love. Some may have written her off after her humiliating lip-synching/acid reflux skirmish, but if nothing else, I Am Me demonstrates that Simpson has learned from and risen above the blunder with sincerity and spirit.

Last year, Simpson rode on the tails of her reality-show fame to gain platinum status with Autobiography. Her songs, though catchy, were fluffy and frivolous. A favorite song off the album, "Better Off" featured cutesy lyrics "I spilt my coffee, it went/All over your clothes/I gotta wear mine now." "Shadow," Simpson's second single, drilled upon her relationship with superstar sister Jessica, before the crushing mishap on Saturday Night Live in late 2004.

But with a new year comes a new Ashlee. Back to her roots as a blonde, she seems to be accentuating her growth as a woman more than her poor-second-born persona. She unveiled her new look at the Teen Choice Awards this past summer, seeming at first, a little bashful. Without a reality TV medium through which she could elucidate her mistakes and choices, Ashlee took on the critical audience with her first single, "Boyfriend." The fun and flirty song made for a fitting segue between the dark-haired days of Ashlee to the mesmerizing and poised twenty-one year old she is today.

"Boyfriend," as many singles tend to be, is not a model for the rest of the album. I Am Me takes on pop music from a different angle -- perhaps a more 80s pop-rock one, and does a magnificent job. "In Another Life," is a simple and honest pop song with just the right hook: "Do you love me, oh do you love me/I'd say so/Do you need me, oh do you need me/God, I hope." The more publicized song, "L.O.V.E.," is more of a Gwen-Stefani-meets-Christina-Aguilera type of dance tune, but whatever type of song it may be, there's no way this song won't get stuck in your head.

In "Dancing Alone," which is just another of the 80s-driven pop songs on I Am Me, Simpson sends young girls the message that it's fine to save her love (in every sense of the word) for someone who's really worth it: "So here I am, looking pretty for you/They come and go/So many faces, it's no use/So I'm dancing alone ... 'Cause your love's worth waiting for."

Simpson ends the album on a slow and serious note with "Say Goodbye," as she did delicately on her first album with "Undiscovered." Although a ballad, its 80s influence is still evident. It has a fantastical and Madonna-esque quality to it -- the music video would no doubt feature a rolling fog created with dry ice. It's soft and sweet -- two qualities Ashlee has surprisingly grown to embody after taking so many hits in the past year. "So I scream, scream 'cause it hurts/Your every word/Cuts me inside and leaves me worse/There's no way back/And what if there was/You'd still be you and I'm still me," she sings, devastatingly. It's unclear whether she's singing about the SNL incident, Ryan Cabrera, or a newfound love, but maybe it's better this way.

Without the cameras following her around, we can only guess at who she may be singing to or about. "Boyfriend," which is rumored to have been written about Lindsay Lohan's ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, may be the only intimation we have into her life as Ashlee Simpson now. And that is a unmistakable sign of having stepped beyond the reality-show foundation she built herself upon.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Been there, done that.

So lots of Paris Hilton drama today. Now the heiress is saying that Paris Latsis cheated on her at his bachelor party. I heard that he confessed that he'd had an affair at his bachelor party. Hilton's never really had her facts straight, so I don't know what the hell's going on. Just like Jude and Sienna don't really seem to know. But I think all we should concern ourselves with is the fact that it's over.

FOX has canceled Paris and Nicole Richie's somewhat long-running show The Simple Life. The network said that "We did not see a place for `The Simple Life' on our schedule this season," and further went on to say that the stars' incompatibility played a role in the cancellation. Aw, that's too bad.

Lindsay Lohan looks none-too-happy with her food there ... Wonder who took the photographs! Check out Egotastic for a photo recap of exactly what went down. Loves it.

And apparently, Mischa Barton's ex-boyfriend, heir Brandon Davis, wants her back. According to some unnamed sources, he's lost twenty-five pounds (good riddance!) and admits now that he took her for granted. Hell, I'd like to see them back together. He looks hot(ter) now ... that's more than I can say about Cisco Adler.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What what!?

So it's been nearly a year since I started this thing up, and I don't think I've ever mentioned Gilmore Girls, which is one of my favorite shows. The word on the street is that Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham are together (again? I think there was a time people were spectulating, but they denied everything). They showed up together at last Saturday night's "Kitchen Confiential" party in West Hollywood. I wonder how Graham feels about being single now that Lorelai's love life is more or less complete.

I really dislike Peter Gallagher on The O.C., but ... he's an integral part of the show, so I'm going to report it. (I never said I wasn't biased!) The Brooklyn-born actor is set to release an album -- through Epic Records -- of SOUL songs. The record is titled 7 Days in Memphis, and will be released next month in the United States, if you were at all interested in hearing Sandy Cohen sing.

Katie Holmes' parents aren't happy with her? No kidding ... apparently her very-Catholic father disapproves of her having a child out of wedlock and even failed to show up for Mass the weekend after the announcement was made. Well you know what, Martin? I disapprove too. For the love of mankind, someone please FREE KATIE!

I've never liked Lindsay Lohan, but I've REALLY never liked Megan Fox. Most of you may not know who she is -- I probably would've had the fortune of not knowing as well if I hadn't seen the Olsen twins' straight-to-video Holiday in the Sun. But she played the bitchy girl in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, which I saw once and only once and never intend to again ... apparently, the 19-yr-old actress is dating 90210's hottie Brian Austin Green, who is himself a ripened 32 years old. Fox tells FHM in an interview full of unnecessary details: "I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I'd rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house. Apparently he doesn't mind." She also goes where no former co-star should ever go and rats Lohan out: "Lindsay and I weren't the best of friends. Because I looked older than her, she'd be nice to my face. I would buy her cigarettes. We got away with it every time." [Confessions was filmed when Lohan was sixteen.] Once a bitch, always a bitch. Fox previously dated 7th Heaven's David Gallagher, who I have a few stories about myself ... poor kid, man.

Old-ish news now, but as a retort against all those rumors that Sienna Miller cheated on Jude Law with Daniel Craig, Miller is saying that the two never got back together after he declared that he'd cheated on her, and that they're only still living in the same house because she hasn't had time to go and find a new one. Oh, that's why. Maybe this is a sign that we should all butt out and stop gossiping and speculating on the lives of people we don't know.

Or not.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Delta Goodrem update ... don't know how she's faring in the States these days (yeah, I just had to up and leave as she was beginning her career in America), but the big news in the Delta camp is that she's scored a role as Marissa's Australian cousin on The O.C.. Her mother told Confidential that "We have been looking at some scripts but as yet nothing has been confirmed ... Music is a priority but there's always other things happening." Hmm. Symptoms of a Stage Mother. Anyway, Confidential also added that Delta may soon be added to the Lost lineup.

From "Oh No They Didn't!":
Ben Widdicombe included a blind item in his column for the New York Daily News over the weekend that said the following:

"Not everyone is buying that pregnancy story. One PR pro unconnected to the couple says: 'I wonder if she'll lose the baby sometime around December. Nobody can write anything mean about a miscarriage.'"

(Photo courtesy of

Hmm ... it is a little strange that Ms. Katie Holmes looks so far along, yet no one noticed all this time!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Who's that girl, where's she from, no she can't be the one ...

I may be sick, but the Pop World still turns ...

The producers of Laguna Beach have commented on their expectations of the third season: "We're gearing up right now to sort of roll right back into production," says Tony DiSanto, the show's executive producer. "The idea is since these kids who live there go off to college, they come home occasionally so it will be similar to this [second] season in that you'll see a lot of familiar faces coming through, but the story will focus on a whole new batch of high school juniors and seniors."

What fun. As if I didn't already not care about Taylor, Alex M and Casey ... the only ones I care remotely about all appeared in the last season. (We -- I -- <3 Jessica!)

Kristin's lookin' really stylish these days, isn't she? Here is she is with current flame Brody Jenner at Element in LA. (Photos courtesy of

And to poke further fun at the new additions over in Laguna, I'm borrowing this hilarious clip of Casey ordering a quesaDILLa from her housekeeper, Imelda. Courtesy of

The Daily Blabber has me cravin' hot dogs and feelin' good about myself. Why? Apparently, Mischa Barton isn't as thin-looking as she appears to be, and she loves hot dogs! She's really tall and slim, but not too slim. Healthy slim ... She was with her reported boytoy Cisco Adler, who has this long perm thing going on. Misch and Cisco busted on into the food court -- with us regular folks -- for some preshow grub. Her dinner selection? A Nathan's hotdog. It wasn't a regular 'dog either -- it was like a footlong. It was enormous. I think she was a little embarrassed because as she carried it -- in my direction -- she was remarking how big it was and how if she broke it in half and ate only part of it she would still be full ... apparently something Mischa was looking for at condiment bar wasn't there. Relish? Mustard? Who knows. So she started griping, "This place is so disorganized." Then she turned to Cisco and said, "Come on. Let's go" and she sauntered off. Yummmm.

Lindsay Lohan is briefing us on her "Confessions of a Broken Heart" video concept, in case we don't get it when it actually comes out: "A lot of people go through family issues, abuse and that kind of thing. I think it's important to show that other people go through it ... people have so many opinions of me. I wanted to show my vision of how everything has taken place and the truth of what happened. I can do that through directing this video ... I cried as I watched. Watching my sister in the scenes, I cried. When we filmed the argument between the parents that made me cry." Lohan cries?

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yummy in my tummy.

Laguna Beach gossip!

E! is reporting that the third season will focus on the kids of Laguna's first and second seasons as they make their way in Hollywood: Show insiders tell me producers are currently negotiating their individual contracts for season three and have to figure out how to shoot another season, given that their current cast have all graduated and are bed-hopping their way into Us Weekly. I'm told they're toying with the idea of introducing a few new kids that are seniors this year (they're casting now), but ultimately, the show will focus on the current cast, living in Los Angeles, and will pop back into Laguna from time to time. They'll try to focus on the drama that doesn't involve Hollywood or Lindsay or Paris. So, expect a lot of teeth brushing and butt scratching.

And other juicy bits that E! reveals? Stephen and Jason are actually good friends. So much so that Stephen is perfectly fine with the fact that Jason and Stephen's former flame LC have been getting, um, cozy, from time to time ... Word is, one of the cast members actually lives in a trailer park, and most of the cast members live fairly middle-income existences (at least by O.C. standards). That said, LC and Kristin are seriously loaded. So loaded, in fact, that according to my spies, they're somewhat competitive--when LC's family built that humongous house overlooking the Pacific, Kristin's family felt the need to follow suit.

Word is that Jason and LC have been dating for some time now, although pictures of them being affectionate toward one another are yet to be seen.

But contrary to what E! has been reporting, a Laguna Beach resident has come out and refuted the facts and attempted to set things straight. She claims that most of the storylines are completely fabricated, including the Jason and Alex M. relationship ... and as far as she's concerned, Lauren and Stephen have never really hooked up. For more juicy bits, read on at "Oh No They Didn't! .

One Laguna Beach sidekick who has gone under my radar has done something that would create serious blips on my screen. Cedric, the smiley-asks-too-many-questions sidekick to Jason, seems to be making a name for himself. Look 'ere:

(Photos courtesy of

Oh, Cedric ...

If anything, Hilary Duff is set up to be the next Jessica Simpson ...
Simpson's planning to open a chain of barbeque restaurants, in addition to her multiple cosmetic lines, clothing lines, television, film and music careers. I don't know about you, but I'm excited ... who wouldn't want Jessica -- who can't distinguish tuna from chicken -- to cook up a meal of cornbread and chili for them?

Not sure this is true, but The Enquirer is reporting that Mischa Barton has been trying to catch Owen Wilson's eye. According to MSN, a "spywitness" saw Mischa, who "finagled the booth next to [Wilson]," "fluttering her eyelids as she propped her elbows on the table and sorta 'squeezed'—showing off her assets!' " The saga continues, "Mischa kept flirting relentlessly. Wilson openly ignored her. Finally she scribbled a note and … Eeeek! … tossed it next to his plate. Visibly annoyed, Wilson told her, 'I'm in the middle of a business dinner!'"