Monday, January 30, 2006

Drama Queens

Things never seem to calm down in Lindsay Lohan's world. She landed herself in the hospital again for slipping on singer/photographer Bryan Adams's staircase in London, after, as mother Dina informs us, having taken a shower and lotioning up. I don't even want to know what she was doing with him ... [Photo courtesy of]

And she had her diary returned to her after she lost it partying at the Maritime Hotel. It was returned, yes, but with pages missing. Apparently a "friend" did the ripping, and the ripped included entries about Jared Leto and an "AL" who people are assuming to be Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Man, if I got my hands on that thing ... I don't know what I'd do with myself. Ebay it!!!

Laguna Beach, according to reports, is now available for download for those who own video iPods. I wonder if they have season two up yet ...

A Laguna Beach story editor claims that the entire LC-Stephen-Kristin triangle was fabricated. According to Reality Blurred, LC and Stephen, he says, were platonic friends, so the producers played Cupid through montage. LC “would say things about [Stephen] as a friend,” says the editor. “[LC] said, ‘I just love this guy.’ All you have to do is cut to a shot of the girl, and suddenly she’s jealous and grimacing." Tsk tsk, selling the show out like that! I'd still beg to differ -- not that I know any better. But there must've been some truth to the situation ... otherwise Stephen and Lauren wouldn't have been talking about their first kiss over dinner in San Francisco, right? (Right?)

A new video of Kristin Cavallari out with friends in late August has popped up on the internet, if you want to check that out. And apparently she was on Regis and Kelly this morning.

And poo, Katie Holmes can't wear her dream wedding dress afterall -- because she's too big to fit into her mom's old one. I guess she'll just have to fall back on the one Tom's having made for her. When's the witch baby coming out!?

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Getting Older

According to Contact Music, Mischa Barton's about to officially become a U.S. citizen. Naturally, she had to pass a test to be granted citizenship (one that eighty percent of my eleventh grade AP American History class failed) -- but perhaps she's more brainy than we give credit for (although her mom Nuala never fails to remind the press that she's been offered a spot at Yale University), because she said, "I was really nervous about it because they make it sound so difficult. It turns out they are like, 'What colors are the American flag?'" She'll be sworn in a February 2006 ceremony. [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

Furthermore, Mischa's recent jaunt to Paris for Couture Week was actually a surprise birthday present from boyfriend Cisco Adler!

In Touch reveals that Nicole Richie has gotten so thin that she's been shopping in the children's department at Fred Segal. "Nicole has a difficult time buying clothes now that she's so thin. Even size 0 seems to be too big," a friend shares. There's only one way to solve that and still be dressed fabulously, Nicole. Gain weight.

Socialite and sometime actress Bijou Phillips is just another star who's a little miffed with Lindsay Lohan. Phillips dated Sean Lennon for four years and was overheard shouting at Teddy's in Los Angeles, "Lindsay Lohan, dating Sean? How could he! How could he stand to be with her?" Dina Lohan, mom extraordinaire, tells Star People, "Sean is a really good friend of hers. More power to them. I'm not going to say they're dating, or not dating." I'm growing to dislike Dina more and more each day ...

Kristin Cavallari tells Teen People that she's tried cocaine: "It was fun for, like, 20 minutes, but the next day, I just didn't feel good about myself ... It's a dirty drug. I find people who do coke to be very shady, that they're doing it makes them lie about things. I wouldn't want to date someone who's into it." Instead, she's dating drug-free Brody Jenner ... which she calls her "first mature relationship." "With Stephen [Colletti], it was like high school fun." That is, except for when he two-timed her with fellow "Laguna Beach" star Lauren "LC" Conrad. "I saw what happened when I watched the season-one DVD," Cavallari said. "I cried for days." This, of course, didn't stop Cavallari from doing something similar to Lindsay Lohan, who she says flipped out when she walked in on Talan Torriero and her in bed together. "She was never nice to me until the story about the fight came out," Cavallari said. "But she was so nice once that went public."

Cult favorite Silent Bob director Kevin Smith had a few things to say about Miss Paris Hilton at a recent industry party at the Sundance Film Festival: "[Hilton] is just like, 'Where's there a camera? I'm there. Where's my little dog? In two years, nobody's going to remember that name; mark my words. But to be fair, two years from now, nobody's gonna remember mine either." God, I hope.

Jennifer Aniston's po'd at English chef Jamie Oliver!? She's "furious" that he's agreed to cater Brangelina's wedding, even though Aniston and Oliver are close friends. Geez, Jen hasn't taken anything relating to this Brangelina thing well. She needs a massage or something ...

According to Victoria Beckham, the Spice Girls were never going to get back together: "Geri has stopped working so hard now she's pregnant so we've been able to spend more time together ... She came to stay at my house and I've been looking after her a bit. Geri looks amazing, pregnancy suits her. She's feeling really good and is very happy ... We weren't plotting a reunion. I haven't got that many friends so it was lovely to spend time with Geri." Thanks for crushing my dreams, bitch.

Britney Spears has been seeing psychic Ed Cayce who reveals to the Daily Star that "Britney's fascinated by the Hindu concept that we are all reborn as different people or animals, depending on how good or bad we were in our previous lives ... Britney says she had flashbacks of being a Shetland sheepdog. And she reckons her bossiness is a by-product of her days pushing sheep around." Hahahahaha.

Happy Birthday to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. He turns twenty-six today. (He's getting old ...) I believe it's also Alex Murrel's nineteenth birthday today, so Happy Birthday to her as well.

Friday, January 27, 2006

More tomorrow.

It's late, so I'm just going to post what's time sensitive.

Laguna Beach favorite Kristin Cavallari will grace the cover of March's Teen People magazine. This weekend's ET on MTV goes behind-the-scenes at her photo shoot for the magazine, where she says "It's cool to get all glamorous. I don't get to do this often, so its like playing dress up. This is so much fun. Every time I get to do a photo shoot, it's just more and more fun." She continues, "Now that 'Laguna Beach' is over, I definitely don't have all the drama in my life ... Hollywood is a bit faster. It's a lot more going on." If any of you L.A. residents want to do a little stalking, she reveals that she spends a lot of time at "Nobu -- which is in Malibu. I like sushi, it's my favorite food. And the Coffee Bean, which is right next to it, because I love coffee." And because beau Brody Jenner lives in Malibu too. "For Valentine's Day we're trying to go to Tahiti for two weeks. Brody's very romantic." But above all, romantic boyfriend or not, she's grateful: "I definitely realize that I'm living this amazing Hollywood dream. I've always wanted to do this, so I'm so fortunate and so lucky." ET on MTV will air twice this weekend, once on Saturday at 10:30am and again on Sunday at 11am. [Photo courtesy of Kristin's MySpace]

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Let's get retarded in here.

More and more rumors have been flying recently about a possible Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen, er, connection. A Daily Star spy reports: "Sienna and Hayden aren't doing a very good job of keeping their flirtations a secret ... Everybody has been talking about it for a while and after the cast party on Monday they were acting like more than good friends. The party was just getting going when someone brought out the restaurant's karaoke player - Sienna was on to it in a flash. She started jokily serenading Hayden before begging him to join her on stage - and it wasn't long before he complied. They'd had a fair few drinks by this time and their flirting was obvious to everyone." I guess sometimes we just have to remember that Sienna's only twenty-four. [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

JT a moocher? The New York Post reports that Justin Timberlake, was trying to freeload off of the free goodies area at the Sundance Film Festival recently. He tried to get two $30,000 pairs of platinum and diamond aviator sunglasses but was turned down and left with only one pair.

Some sex scenes from Katie Holmes' film Thank You For Smoking have magically disappeared, and people aren't hesitating to point their fingers at Tom Cruise. Insiders are speculating, says, that Cruise was so uncomfortable with his "amazing" and "extraordinary" fiancée's revealing on-screen frolicking that he demanded some snipping. Apparently even the director, Jason Reitman, did not know about the editing that went on between its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance: "We were sitting there in shock ... And I turned to other people who had worked on the film, and we were completely confused. But the audience didn't seem to notice or care." Perhaps they spent the duration of the film pondering the stretching and un-stretching abilities of Katie's bump?

Colin Farrell gives away his secret to irresistibility: his natural odor. He said, "Women tend to think I am adorable or damn cute. Women go for my natural odour!" Yeah, well, ya gotta let those pheromones do their thang.

Paris Hilton nearly fell over a balcony at the W Lounge at Sundance, according to Robin Leach. Other eyewitnesses reported that if she hadn't been pulled back when she had, she would've fallen twenty-five feet "to the hard ice-and-packed ground below." Oh, would it have happened!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, I guess it's only 11am over there ...

... but that's really no excuse for there being next-to-no juicy gossip today. Tell Hollywood to get out of their PJs and stroll down Robertson and fall flat on their faces. Better yet, give Lohan another Benz she's sure to mess up.

Anyway, this is all I've got:

Alex Murrel and Alex Hooser of Laguna Beach reportedly each got a star tattoo last night.

A waitress resembling Lindsay Lohan at the Sundance Film Festival was accidentally invited to the gift lounge (and obviously nice enough to out herself). Unless it was another gift-bagger who did it.

Avril Lavigne, who recently signed with Ford Models' Special Projects, showed up at couture week's Chanel show on Monday. According to a Chanel pub, she's always wanted to meet Karl Lagerfeld. Why oh why do I find that incredibly difficult to believe? I think I met Karl Lagerfeld once, when I was in a cafe in Paris ... does that count for dishy news?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Haute Couture, Paris-style.

So scratch the Friends news from yesterday. I knew it was too good to be true ...

In stranger television news, however, is the merging of UPN and the WB! The chief exec of CBS Corp, which owns both stations, says the new network will be called The CW and both UPN and the WB will be shut down. The network "will air 30 hours of programming seven days a week aimed in part at young audiences." Er, I hope they mean thirty hours of programming a week, because I hate to break it to ya, uber-network, but there are only twenty-four hours in a day!

(They better keep Gilmore Girls ... This does not bode well for Kristin Cavallari's yet-to-premiere show Get This Party Started ...)

Speaking of KCavi, Gawker listed its first Kristin sighting: Around 2AM, Kristin Cavalleri from Laguna Beach was at Duvet’s gay party. She was with some short, bitchy, rude queeny guy who does not know how to operate a camera. I went up to her and said, “Are you that girl from that show?” She said, “Yes.” Then I asked her if she was a fag. She laughed. She was sweet, and is hot in real life. She said she was here for work (her new show). It's Cavallari, dammit, Cavallari!

Sigh. Paris Hilton is ruining the Sundance Film Festival. Trashing it, as we speak. She showed up to throw a coupla parties and mooch off of the freebies. Annoying. I think Bai Ling showed up to one of them a coupla nights ago. Wonder if Paris thought the Asian version of her was hot in person. Laguna's own J. Wahl was there too, and posed with Lizzie Grubman. Good times, man. Good times. [Photo courtesy of Laguna Beach Online]

Photos of a very happy Danny and Melinda from The Real World: Austin turned up on the net a couple of days ago ... I'm breaking one of man's number one rules and questioning whether she's pregnant or not. And why she posed with alcohol if she is. [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

Things past and things to come ... Lindsay Lohan will appear on the cover of March's Allure and will make huge headlines confessing to things for publicity's sake, top model Daria Werbowy makes the cover of Time's Style and Design spring fashion issue, Phoebe Philo steps down from designer position at Chloe, it's Fashion Week in Paris and Paris Hilton is too drunk to care, and yes, there was once a time when sixteen-year-old Hayden Panettiere was famous for something other than partying with Paris Hilton. Read: Disney movies. Oh, and rejoice, it's Mischa Barton's twentieth birthday.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Marriages, breakups, hookups.

At last, some interesting news, since I skipped out on yesterday's:

If you were a Friends fan, you're in luck (and you probably already know about this). The six stars of the television sitcom have agreed to film four double episodes for $5 million a piece. That'll be awkward, though ... a sort of random "Where Are They Now?" sort of approach? Or a holiday special here and there? I guess we'll have to see ...

According to the UK's Sunday Mirror, it's over for Jude Law and Sienna Miller. He dropped her like she was hot. According to the Mirror, Law will be moving back in with his ex-wife Sadie Frost. Well, I guess that's not the whole story. The plan was for his family to move in with him for a few weeks while he's in L.A. filming his new movie Holiday. Miller went "absolutely ballistic" and told him, "If that's what you are prepared to do, you should just go back to her". Be careful what you wish for ... oh well. It's too bad Frost has a little twenty-five year old of her own.

Rumors have it that everyone and their mother's getting married in the coming months ... including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and Brangelina, who are said to wed before Valentine's Day. La la la.

Turning now to Laguna Beach, recent video shot by paparazzi show Talan Torriero leaving LAX with a girl who looks not so much like LaLaine, and Stephen Colletti not just leaving Mood with a girl who looked not so much like Ashley Bashioum, but with a girl whose name is Hayden Panettiere. They were even holding hands at one point. Check it out for yourself here. [Photo courtesy of The Real O.C. boards]

In the current issue of Us Weekly, Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan admits that he has a bit of a crush on Laguna's Kristin Cavallari: "Kristin's probably really dumb, but I think she's really cute. I wouldn't mind dancing with her. I wouldn't talk to her, but I'd dance with her." When asked whether he would ever want to move to Laguna Beach to take part in the series (what a random question!), he responded, "I would probably run away from all of the cameras. I don't think I could make it work because she's from Laguna Beach. I think the people on that show are really weird. They're in a world that doesn't really exist." Hmm. You would've thought that with a coupla years of fame and fortune under his belt, he'd know better than to make sweeping generalizations about other celebrities ...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blah, blah, blah.

Saturdays are slow anyway -- I'm thinking of making this a Monday - Friday thing. What do you guys think?

On the set of Lindsay Lohan's current project Chapter 27 in which she acts alongside rumored ... er, lover Jared Leto, paparazzi detracted the stars from their performances -- because both claim to be method actors. Jared Leto, looking straight at our man, complained to a production assistant that because he’s a method actor, he couldn’t concentrate with the press around ... NYPD officers also related that Lindsay Lohan told them that she flubbed her lines because of us. Later, Lindsay smiled and waved to us from across the street. Publicity never hurt Lindsay ...

Anyway, Michael Lohan's at it again. This time he's trying to take care to censor himself -- he tells Star magazine that "I'm not able to talk to my daughter as much as I'd like to ... If all the rumors are true, and I don't know if they are, about the drug use, then yeah, rehab would be an option ... The time I've been in prison has been therapeutic for me, and maybe some kind of program would be good for her. I'd like to reach out to her, if I could." Sob.

Female First is saying that Keira Knightley used chips to bribe her way into a Golden Globes pre-party. Having shown up with only two invites but seven friends, her thought-processes went as such: "What's a girl to do? I gave the security guys my best smile and confessed that there were eight of us and only two tickets.
"They said to me, 'What else you got?' and I said, 'Well, we've got two packets of crisps,' and they said, 'OK, that'll do.' So we wafted into the poshest party of the night with two packets of ready salted." Man, those L.A. bouncers are easy!

Somewhat stale news, but UPN is currently developing a series for former *N Sync members Joey Fatone and Lance Bass. It's described to be a modern-day Odd Couple and is tentatively titled -- cough, cough -- Out of Sync. The network president says that it is a mix of comedy and reality and is due out this fall. If Lance doesn't decide to go to the moon. [Photo courtesy of]

Friday, January 20, 2006

Me Tarzan. Me hungry.

It's official! Kristin Cavallari's episode of Veronica Mars has been signed, sealed and delivered and is ready to roll! She plays closeted lesbian cheerleader Kylie, who turns to Veronica for help when "a blackmailer cracks into a private online bulletin board and threatens to publicly out her and other gay students at Neptune High". The episode will air on Wednesday, February 15th at 9pm on UPN. [Photo courtesy of JJB]

Cult-crush (I think I just made up a new "word") Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, of course!) and wife Lisa are expecting their second child! This year marks their tenth year as husband and wife, and their son Michael turns three at the end of this month.

Recent reports say that Angelina Jolie may give birth to not one, but two Brad-babies! Things have changed "like woah" -- in less than a year, she's gone from family of two to family of six! (Not technically, but the twins are a part of her now. In fact, she's just three people in one.)

And while I have yet to see said episode myself, Willa Holland made her debut on The O.C. last night as sister-gone-MIA, Kaitlin Cooper. Although she has already gained resistance for, uh, being a typical fourteen-year-old, she seems to have impressed many as the -- can it be said? -- crazier of the two Cooper sisters. However, Holland told TV Guide Online that she is nowhere near as crazy as her character: "... I hate to say it, and it kind of sucks for me to say it, but I haven't really done anything that bad. It's almost a sad thing, but I guess it's good — my parents probably thank the lord that I haven't caused too much trouble. I'm working so much now that I don't have too much time to be a worrisome teenager. I'm in this totally different world than everybody else is in now. I love my new world." Very eloquent, Willa. But critics are unconcerned. As Justin apparently warned Ryan last night, "Dude, be careful...she' amazing." has attained the full transcripts of Paris Hilton's deposition with Zeta Graff's lawyers (the woman who claimed a bunch of things went down at some club in New York City), and it reads like a light, trashy, airheaded novel. Here are some favorites:
- "I meet so many people. I don't even know some of my friends' names."
- "I would never say stalking. I'm not a dude. Like, I think a girl can only stalk a guy. She can't really stalk another girl."
- "I was in Europe for the whole summer, and all there is is, like, French - I didn't see anything because I wasn't in America."
- [Her Lawyer]: "Do you know how to spell his first name?"
Paris: "Just G-u-i, Gui . . . I've known him for a while."
- "[I told her] she is old and should stay at home with her child instead of being at nightclubs with young people. And just that - I just . . . What else did I say? Just that she is not cute at all."

And apparently, she was "reprimanded" for giving inconclusive answers such as "uh-huh" an "mm-hmm" ... worst yet, she blurted out once (presumably to defend her inability to answer yes/no questions), "I'm hungry."

Somebody! Maid! Imelda! Bring this girl a quesadilla!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Laguna Hook-ups

Laguna Beach. Considering that this is the girl he showed up with to the MTV New Year's Eve Party, it's no surprise to hear that they are in fact a couple ... Stephen Colletti and Ashley Bashioum, formerly of The Young and the Restless. She is three years older than Stephen. And the word on the street is that Talan Torriero is dating Lizzie McGuire's LaLaine (Miranda). Hmm ... it's a step up from Kimberly Stewart ... I want solid evidence. I won't believe it till I see it. [Fan photo of Stephen with Ashley courtesy of Pink is the New Blog]

... in less interesting Laguna news, Jessica Smith caved and got her nose pierced. Just like Taylor. Oh, and we (I ... I don't know why I always say "we") figured out who lives in a trailer park from the Laguna cast! It's Jeff Boyle, Jessica's date to Prom. And a photo of Kristin Cavallari from the TCA Winter Press Tour Party last night. [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

According to Female First, Katie Holmes is due to give birth to Tom Cruise's baby next month. Friends, have we been keeping track? I know I haven't been ... but why does she look as big as she did two months ago? Well anyway, he bought his dear Kate £75,000 worth of Gucci, Versace, Galliano, D&G and Ben De Lisi dresses "to keep her sexy" through the last months of her pregnancy. Great. My mom would disapprove. She doesn't like men who try to control women.

Some random mish-mosh:

... Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick may be dating.

... Justin Timberlake's mom is telling everyone that Cameron Diaz is not pregnant.

... Lindsay Lohan was supposed to present an award at Monday night's Golden Globes. What happened?

... Paris Hilton peed all over the backseat of a taxi in Hawaii. Not surprising.

The tabloids are reporting that twenty-three year oldFull House's Jodie Sweetin (my favorite, poor middle-child Stephanie Tanner) is a recovering crystal meth addict! According to the sources, she's out of rehab now and clean -- but still, the addiction ruined her career and marriage (yes, she got married at twenty or something). This may be true, as John Stamos released a statement to Perez Hilton: "I love and support Jodie and I'm here for her in any way that she needs me." [Photo courtesy of]

Rumor has it that Kate Moss was seen "giving Jack Osbourne's tonsils a thorough exam" at a Golden Globes afterparty at Teddy's on Monday night. New York's Daily News reports that Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson all seemed horrified that thirty-two year old Moss "bumped and ground her waiflike charms into" twenty-year-old Osbourne. Sometimes, Jackie, a little weight loss goes a long way!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Let's play catch up.

Alright, so I'm going to devote this post to catching up.

According to Dina Lohan, Lindsay is on meds to get her un-addicted to smoking. According to Dina, "Lindsay smokes under a pack a day. She's addicted ... The doctor put her on an anti-smoking pill. God willing, it will work within a month." She adds, "Lindsay's on Advair (asthma medication). She can't be around dogs and cats and certain foods ... And when you're 19, you don't deal with that. I'm her mother and I tell her, 'You have to stick to it.'" Stick to it she will, since she recently got a tattoo on her wrist. that reads "BREATHE". A friend says, somewhat humorously, "It obviously has a double meaning ... It's about the asthma attack, but also a reminder to just slow down and enjoy life." It'll come in handy when she has love babies too.

... Speaking of which, after I last reported that LL was seen in the lap of Sean Lennon, reports have come out saying that it was a date. Which for Sean would be a good thing, because he recently moaned, "I'm completely alone and I'm completely miserable." Poor thing. Although, I've heard that new photos of her and Jared Leto have surfaced?

Meryl Streep offered to become Lindsay Lohan's mentor (for/on what!?) after the two worked together on A Prairie Home Companion. But not only do Lindsay's friends say she's too starstruck by Streep, but they say she's also misplaced the Oscar-winning actress' number and is too afraid to ask for it again. And it doesn't hurt that one of Streep's daughters is the same age as Lindsay and "made a big impression on Lindsay by treating her like the teenager she is and not a starlet". Oh well, big whoop. If LL came my way, I'd probably treat her like the teenager she is and steer clear. [Although ... Lindsay's lookin' really cute these days with her current hair color and her healthier weight. Too bad she'll be moving onto another hair color in no time ... Photo courtesy of ONTD]

Apparently Memoirs of a Geisha won't be playing in China -- at least not now. Why? People are pissed that three of the leading characters are played by Chinese actresses instead of Japanese ones. That's kind of silly, doncha think? A little offensive, yes, but think of all the money and glamour the stars will bring home, baby.

The Spice Girls are planning a new single and a tour -- yes, all five of them. Well, the ever-troublesome Geri Halliwell's pregnant at the moment, so she can't actually rehearse anything, but "she has been planning new outfits for the girls and new ideas for the show." Let's just hope she doesn't jump ship again because her baby's too cute or whatever.

Charlotte Church is rumored to be guest-starring in a future episode of The O.C. because she has entranced the poor creator, Josh Schwartz. Not only that, but Catherine Zeta-Jones is mesmerized too and has become fast friends with the dramatic chick. What would she play on The O.C.? The sole overweight, ugly Brit?

Another horror story: Tom Cruise reportedly gave his darling Kat[i]e a "DVD compendium of every movie he has acted in" for her 27th birthday. A source told The Daily Express that "Each was inscribed with a special handwritten love message to the future mother of his child." If I ever were to use the phrase "I think I just vomited a little in my mouth," oh, it'd be now.

P.S. I'm loving the comments you guys are leaving. I guess I hadn't seen the worst of the incriminating photos of Mariah when I wrote it, because when I saw them later, I had to agree. Yum, sausage!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kill me now.

Sorry for the spotty updates -- Finals.

But here's something you folks should be interested in knowing: Teddy Geiger's video for "For You I Will (Confidence)", starring Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari is up at AOLMusic now. Here's a link for you guys to check it out at.

I haven't really been keeping up with American pop music (or any music for that matter), but the kid reminds me of a younger, less preppy version of John Mayer -- they've both got the chiseled cheekbones and bird faces.

Golden Globes 2006: The Aftermath

So ... how accurate was I last night? Let's review:
I guess incorrectly on two and half-incorrectly on two (one first choice did win and the other did not. I may as well say I guessed incorrectly on three, then). So, not bad for someone who hasn't seen a movie at the theaters since April!

Fashion roundup ... I felt like there were a lot of beautiful dresses and a lot of beautiful dresses gone wrong, and not so many in-between.

1. Hilary Swank

Sexayy -- feels good to be single, don't it? "What is that dress?" Issac Mizrahi asked bewilderingly, pointing a weak finger at her chest. Although, the shoes left something to be desired.
2. Ellen Pompeo

She would've scored more points if her makeup hadn't been a little washed out and her hair hadn't turned on her.
3. Keira Knightley
4. Charlize Theron
5. Felicity Huffman

Honorable Mentions: Evangeline Lilly, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Oh and Marcia Cross.

1. Fergie

Sigh. I think she got confused and ended up at the wrong awards show.
2. Emma Thompson

The dress itself looked pretty. Or what I could see of it beneath the pink rabbit she had wrapped around herself and Colin Firth ...
3. Virginia Madsen
4. Scarlett Johannson

Trashy, not classy. And Mizrahi went straight for the chest. Straight for the chest.
5. Alanis Morissette
The haircolor was pleasing, and the dress was beautiful. Just not for her skintone.

Honorable Mentions: Natalie Portman (Sometimes she does so well. And then she pulls a "I've been in the business for over ten years but my mom still dresses me as if I were twelve." Those shoes just ... didn't go with the dress.), Mira Sorvino (She looked less like The Little Mermaid than the sardine that couldn't squeeze herself into the can.)

For one, I'm shocked Mariah Carey didn't look ridiculous last night.
I also feel the need to defend my not having chosen certain people for the Best Dressed list ... Reese Witherspoon usually does no wrong, and she certainly didn't fall off the scale last night, but I thought she looked like an eleven-year-old boy. The dress didn't exactly flatter her figure and was perhaps a bit too cutesy. And Michelle Williams has been looking radiant since she's been pregnant. Last night was no exception -- so long as her shoes didn't poke through! What is up with stars and their poor pairing of shoes to dress?

[Photos courtesy of Getty Images and]

Monday, January 16, 2006

Golden Globes 2006

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images. The very first one. I hope there are better ones later.]

Breaking News: Keira Knightley looks gorgeous on the red carpet tonight. More so than usual, because lately I've been finding her just a smidgen irritating. But she is back in favor over here.

Hell, I'm just going to go ahead and show everyone that these award shows are rigged (or that I'm psychic). Mind you I haven't seen a single one of these films:


SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Motion Picture Drama
Rachel Weisz

SUPPORTING ACTOR - Motion Picture Drama
(I saw a photo of him with his statuette already, so) George Clooney

BEST ACTRESS - Motion Picture Comedy or Musical
Reese Witherspoon

BEST ACTOR - Motion Picture Comedy or Musical
Joaquin Phoenix

BEST ACTRESS - Motion Picture Drama
Felicity Huffman

BEST ACTOR - Motion Picture Drama
Toughie. I can't decide between the two Aussies. But probably Heath.

Ang Lee, although I can also envision Fernando Meirelles winning it.

erm ... Tsotsi ... or Paradise Side

Walk the Line

Brokeback Mountain

Who are you guys betting on?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Now: Moms gone crazy.

So The Daily Star is claiming that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, too, are expecting. Apparently Justin's stage mother of a mom Lynn Harless couldn't keep the news to herself and revealed it to her neighbors in Justin's hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

The New York Post reports that Lindsay Lohan's mom Dina was spotted partying alongside her daughter at Bungalow 8 in New York City. They were seen drinking and giggling with Dina's new boyfriend and Sean Lennon, whose lap Lindsay was said to be sitting in. The manager side of Dina came out in an alleged statement against the underaged drinking: "We had a late dinner and dropped by Bungalow to see a couple of friends. We were not drinking."

Why is Paris Hilton such a nutcase? The answer, at last. (WARNING: Partial nudity. Hell, I'll just tell you what it is. Photos of a seemingly drunk Kathy Hilton in a lacy see-through top, partying alongside daughter Nicky. What a role model.)

And in news not relating to mid-life crises, Disney Channel's Even Stevens star Christy Carlson Romano became engaged over the holidays to boyfriend Cal Thomas.

And who knew? Adam Brody is developing a television show about "a Los Angeles vampire detective" with Mr. and Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman! Brody must be even more charming than he appears on-screen, because I can't think of other reasons Liman could've been stupid enough to buy that one.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Please say it ain't so.

Lots of juiciness today, I'm excited!

According to In Touch, Lionel Richie has finally become concerned about daughter Nicole's weight loss and has hired her an eating coach. The magazine quotes a friend as saying, "She's got to be under 90 pounds," and an onlooker (presumably from the pool of the hotel she stayed at) said that, "I didn't see her eat a thing all afternoon." In Touch adds that her friends and family are getting ready to stage an intervention. Good luck with that ... [Photo courtesy of]

Becoming Nicole Richie's friend obviously hasn't stirred any eating disorders in Mischa Barton -- according to (not always the most reliable source), Mischa has made a New Year's resolution "to start piling on the pounds," in addition to quitting smoking. The site also reports that Mischa's "on the verge of splitting from boyfriend Cisco Adler because of his possessive behaviour." Maybe Lionel paid Mischa to befriend Nicole?

Courtney Love was just a little wee bit peeved with Lindsay Lohan's Vanity Fair cover. She told a Page Six spy: "I did drugs, I told them and everyone else, and Vanity Fair didn't put me on the cover for it. It's such bull[bleep] and so ridiculous." We don't much like it either, Court, but that's just the way it flows.

Star magazine is reporting that American Idol's Fantasia Barrino and Kanye West are now a couple. She's been opening for him on tour. How do I book a gig opening for the Backstreet Boys?

Shocker of the day ... Us Weekly is saying that Kimberly Stewart's newest boy toy is ... (this makes me want to cry. Miguel, no not you too, Miguel) JESSE METCALFE. Unbelievable. This is almost as bad as her being with Talan. Almost.

And finally, a little Laguna Beach dish. Lauren Conrad speaks out about her relationship with Jason Wahler to The National Ledger: "We were dating for a while, but no one from MTV knew because we were trying to hide it. They found out and started filming us, and then we had a big fight on TV ... We broke up for about a month but ended up getting back together." When asked if any other "Laguna" friends will show up, she responds, "Maybe. We're trying to work it out right now.
Originally we weren't supposed to, but I'm still dating Jason so we're trying to figure out what to do with him."

Um, nix him!

In a Celebrity Living spread, Kristin Cavallari says of her relationship with Lauren Conrad, "They exaggerated it! I do not hate her!" She still keeps in touch with Stephen, Jason and Jessica ... I gave it some thought, and I think the reason she moved out of the place she shared with Alex Hooser is because her new gig as co-host on Get This Party Started requires her to travel across country. In fact, she spent her nineteenth birthday in Ohio. [Photo courtesy of The Real O.C. boards]

On beau Brody Jenner, she gushes, "Brody is the hottest guy in Hollywood! ... We are pretty boring. We typically go to dinner and rent a movie. But we love being together -- that's enough for us!" She goes on to say about her four month old relationship, "We go to long dinners and just talk and make out." Ah, rising star or not, she's still an American teenager.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Eat your heart out!

For such a little woman, Sienna Miller sure has made a big threat in the latest issue of Interview: she said of Daisy Wright, the nanny Jude Law cheated on her with, "I'm quite looking forward to the day when our paths will cross, which I know they will ... She better live in fear. I just hope she doesn't run into me in a dark alley." And for such an adult, she sure is immature ... [Photo courtesy of Live Journal community edie_sedgwick]

Mischa Barton has banned boyfriend Cisco Adler from watching her own show, The O.C.: "He was staring at Rachel and I was like, 'She looks hot'. He said 'yeah'. That's too honest - he's banned." That's too harsh -- you're mean.

Apparently this is an off week for Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst, because she's been seen cuddlin' up with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

7th Heaven's Beverley Mitchell and her longtime boyfriend Michael Cameron recently became engaged after a five-year relationship. Congratulations.

... seems like it's the week for celebrity confessions. Gwyneth Paltrow finally admitted that she's pregnant with her second child. Wow. I couldn't tell.

Travis Barker of Blink182 and wife Shanna welcomed their second baby together, Alabama Luella on Christmas Eve. She's gonna be a cutie. [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

Lindz Lo's dad Michael is speaking out again, from behind bars. Now he's concerned about his eldest daughter's health, after he heard about her recent hospitalization for an asthma attack: "Asthma has been a serious problem for her since she was three. She almost died from it when she was five, and one of her cousins died from it at 27." I see where her outstanding dramatics come from now.

... and Gawker reported that Lohan scrawled a not-so-nice message about, presumably, Scarlett Johansson (an ex of rumored boy toy Jared Leto) on a Dark Room bathroom wall on Tuesday night, where she was spotted chillin' with Kate Moss. Well anyway, here's the proof. I can vouch, like I have for so many other lovely little notes LL has left, that it is in her handwriting:
For a full report on what she wrote (I will not soil my page with the drunken ramblings of a Lindsay Lohan), click here. [Photo courtesy of Gawker]

Apparently Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson (yes, two entities now) had a not-so-secret meeting -- set up by none other than Papa Joe Simpson. Nick showed up at the Valley Inn Restaurant and Bar in Sherman Oaks, California, where Jessica had been dining with the rest of her immediate family. According to "sources close to the Simpson family," Papa Joe has gotten a number of e-mails about wanting to see the couple back together. An insider says, "Joe's shocked at how many people want to see Nick and Jess together again ... He's worried that Jessica's fans will desert her because they blame her for the breakup." Doh! Should've thought of that earlier, before you split them up!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have come up with a new way to invest their money -- in Sweet Lady Jane, an L.A. cake shop. The pair are said to have invested $2 million and have begun coming up with cake ideas for the shop. Can you say "Cupcakes on the house for the rest of MK&A's days"? [Photo courtesy of]

Thursday, January 12, 2006

These are the days ...

Some random announcements/news ...

According to Ted Casablanca, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are engaged. He writes: "Justin didn't get down on his knee," 'splains my extreme insider. "They were just talking about it and were kind of like, Yep, let's do it. He didn't give her a ring, and she's still not wearing one. But she is squealing, like, all the time."

Our favorite teen witch Melissa Joan Hart gave birth to baby boy Mason Walter Wilkerson yesterday at 4:19pm in Los Angeles. This is her and musician husband Mark Wilkerson's first child.

Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin have been spotted shopping for engagement rings in Beverly Hills. The two started dating in 2002, following Culkin's split from ex-wife Rachel Miner.

According to In Touch, Mary-Kate Olsen is said to have bought herself an engagement ring, although she hasn't found herself a steady boyfriend since Stavros Niarchos "left her" for Paris Hilton. The ring is an "antique 19th century rose-cut diamond-and-emerald engagement ring" that set the actress back $250,000.

Jessica Simpson told Entertainment Tonight a few nights ago that her family has been supportive of her throughout the divorce ordeal. She pointed out that her father is her "go to man" and "definitely" her rock. Hmm. Well, if she can't find another guy for herself, she can always ... go to her ... "go to man."

Sony Music, in a joint venture with Wilderness Media & Entertainment (from the founder of MTV's new gay and lesbian channel LOGO), is launching Music with a Twist, the "first major music label dedicated to nurturing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender artists." I'm really not liking the sound of this ... why is lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender music any different from heterosexual music? Isn't music universal? I suppose it could make it easier for homosexuals to get signed, but other than that, I don't see any benefits.

The biggest headline-grabber of the day is, of course, Lindsay Lohan -- again. According to Page Six, she and Kate Moss showed up at New York strip club Scores early yesterday morning and treated the club-goers to several rounds of pole dances. Lohan, Moss and a couple of female friends swanned into the Upper East Side mammary mecca at about 2:45 a.m. and headed straight for the legendary Champagne Room, where the giggly group ordered round after round of vodka shots, raspberry Kamikazes and beer.

Their table was immediately swarmed by strippers and Lohan and Moss enjoyed numerous lap dances. But the fun really started when Moss jumped on the stage nearest the main bar and began grinding against a pole, much to the delight of hundreds of red-blooded banker types.

"Kate was going wild," a witness told us. "After a few songs, Lindsay jumped on stage with her. They were swinging on the pole with their arms around each other's waists, kissing each other, caressing each other, just acting like strippers. The crowd was cheering them on the whole time. They didn't take off any clothes, but it was very hot."
Good thing Lohan has shed herself of her tweenaged audience ... [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

Lastly, Vanity Fair is now saying that writer Evgenia Peretz, author of the scandalous Lindsay Lohan article, specifically asked Lohan whether by "making herself sick" she meant "throwing up." And the answer was a resounding yes.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stars gone stupid.

I guess the big news of the day is that Angelina Jolie has come out and officially announced through People magazine that she is pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby. I wonder what the child will look like. Sadly, two hot people don't always make a hot baby. Look at Lisa Marie Presley.

Laguna Beach news ... some old, some relatively new. Kristin Cavallari, according to E!, will be guest starring on UPN's Veronica Mars as a "closeted lesbian cheerleader who turns to Veronica when a blackmailer threatens to out her and a number of other gay students at Neptune High." This definitely sounds interesting and seems to be a bit of a stretch for Kristin. The episode is set to air in February, alongside Kristin's own UPN show, Get the Party Started. [Photo courtesy of Kristin Cavallari Online]

Similarly, the music video that Kristin will make a cameo in -- Teddy Geiger's "For You I Will (Confidence)" -- will premiere in a Making the Video episode on MTV sometime this month. I will try to keep you posted on that.

Most Laguna fans know that the cast is set to take part in the next Bongo campaign, following the break up of Nicole Richie and DJ AM. Boy is Bongo lucky it has such perfect timing. The creative director at Bongo said that "The Bongo demographic is the MTV viewer, so we could not think of a better way to reach our consumer. The concept behind the campaign is a party. So we rented an amazing mansion on PCH in Santa Monica, hired an Orange County band, 'The Colour' and let the gang do what came naturally. Alex, Jason, Lauren, Steph[e]n, Kristin and Ta[l]an had a blast on set and it comes through in the campaign. Alex who has an album coming out this spring got on stage with the band and sang, while the boys got a little carried away by pushing each other in the pool." Those boys never will grow up, will they? Look for these ads in-store (Bongo has stores?), online and in such teen magazines as Seventeen, Teen People, and Teen Vogue.

All kinds of rumors are flying about Nick and Jessica's relationship. Some are saying that Jessica has been drunk-dialling him and wanting to get back together ... while others, such as the Post Chronicle, are saying that Nick is suing Jessica for "breach of contract." According to the source, the two signed a contract to be publicly married for forty-one months. Their marriage fell through at thirty-eight. Nick wants his moolah, and he wants it now. Oh, and he wouldn't mind a helping of Jessica Alba with that moolah either. According to him, she's the perfect woman. Funny how Alba's fiance's name is Cash. I smell a threesome ...

BET is planning to air “a six-episode reality series about the last two weeks in the life of [Lil Kim] before she began a one-year prison sentence in September for perjury linked to a shooting between rival hip-hop camps,” the New York Times says. ... and Season Two will feature the first two weeks of her life after being released from prison, right?

According to In Touch, both Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie have made New Year's resolutions to "be good friends again in 2006." Which means, of course, the reappearance of the disappearing Lindsay. And who called it last night!? Didn't I say that the author of the Vanity Fair article twisted LL's words or did I not?

Katie Cassidy, The Partridge Family's David Cassidy's daughter, revealed to Teen People (in its February issue) boyfriend Jesse McCartney's romantic tactics: "After dinner, I opened the car door and there was a beautiful orchid sitting in his front seat. It was so sweet," she said. "We got ice cream on our first date. It was really cute ... [And] on one of our first dates, we spent the entire day on the beach." They recreate some of their first dates in a photo spread for the magazine's Valentine's issue. [Photo courtesy of Shine On Media]

And funniest bit of the day ... Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth were seen at a 7-Eleven in Stockholm, Sweden, trying to buy a lobster. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the fact that someone who was accepted to Princeton was trying to buy a lobster at a 7-Eleven. Well, I was there just a few days ago and I'll give them a little credit -- 7-Elevens are half grocery stores and half convenience stores in Stockholm. Hmm. Wonder if we were there are the same time ...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Paris is for Lovers, not Los Angeles.

Ah, I am back after a prolonged hiatus -- much thanks to my own stupidity. (I spilled soup on my keyboard last night. Bastardini, my laptop, is still recovering.) Belated birthday wishes to the now twenty-eight year-old A.J. McLean, of the Backstreet Boys.

While I've been gone, tons of relationship rumors have sprung, seemingly, out of nowhere. Let's maul our way through them.

A.J. McLean and the Backstreet Boys' opening act over the summer, Kaci Brown (a.k.a. the girl who I formed a strong dislike for at the concerts), who -- mind you -- is only seventeen to A.J.'s ripe twenty-eight. This one didn't exactly spring out of nowhere, as Kaci has been playing childish games on her official forum and slyly neither confirming nor denying the rumor. All I can say is ... gawd, I hope not.

Another one coming out of Backstreet land ... LB Daily reported that Us Magazine's VIP Scene spotted Laguna Beach's Alex Murrel and Nick Carter going at it in Costa Mesa's Sutra Lounge. Some have said that Alex M. is good friends with Nick's younger sister Angel who is, incidentally, the same age as Alex. Gross. Well, here's what I think -- a very undiscerning eye caught all this action and mistook Aaron Carter for older brother Nick. Hey, it happens to the best of them ... and plus, what's Nicky doing down in Costa Mesa, anyway? I thought the furthest he was willing to go was Huntington Beach after that ill-fated prescription drug and alcohol whammy. (Plus, Aaron's wonderful friends are at it again. Now they're enthusiastically sanctioning the rumor that he and Laguna's Kristin Cavallari are dating. Perhaps Aaron is trying to sidestep his way into the Laguna circle?) [Photo courtesy of Not Like You]

Other ridiculous ones were about Lindsay Lohan; I'm not going to bother to elaborate. I think the only person more sick and "tired of rumors starting" about her than me is the Lindz Lo herself. And that bulimia bit? She never actually admitted to being bulimic,, did she? She said she was making herself sick. That could be interpreted in a number of ways -- and the Vanity Fair writer chose to edit Lohan's words to make it sound as such. Lohan's under-appreciated publicist (and likely underpaid) Leslie Sloane denied that Lohan's bulimic. What I think? Anorexic, maybe. Bulimic, I don't think so. [Photo courtesy of ONTD]

Lindsay also has a new old chair in her collection, from the antique store she ran into to hide from paparazzi following her car crash in October. Why? "I ran into the corner (of the shop) and sat down on this old chair, and I look down and there's blood specks all over the chair ... I looked at my assistant. I said, 'Buy this chair. It's not getting sold on eBay.'"

On the mini Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos car crash in November, socialite Steve-O told Jimmy Kimmel: “About a half hour before Paris Hilton had that car crash, I may have given her some mind-altering substances" -- nitrous-filled balloons. Interesting. Very interesting. Is that the same stuff that makes you sound like Donald Duck, or am I mixing my gases up?