Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh David

American Idol's David Archuleta has been making the charity rounds lately. Last night, it was the "Children Uniting Nations Gala" in Washington D.C. Reporters cornered him and asked him the gasp -- unthinkable: do you think this was the right time for Adam Lambert to come out of the closet?

[Thanks to LACelebs on YouTube]

Way to sidestep the question, DArch! This wins in my book of Most Uncomfortable DArchuleta Interviews Ever. I was dying for someone to ask him about something touchy like Proposition 8 because he's such a conservative little Mormon boy yet so darn agreeable I couldn't see him ever denying somebody the right to marry. Ah well, this was close enough. Looks like we may never get a straight answer out of him ... but that's just what makes him the incomparable David Archuleta.

Almost equally entertaining, USA Today asked him whether he had a romantic interest in any of the Disney gals. "No ... if they are younger than me, then it would technically be illegal. I wouldn't mind going on a fun date."

Hmm, something here makes me think David's definition of "date" is a little different from mine. As is his interpretation of the law.

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