Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I must be going crazy

Because now Harry Styles' older sister Gemma is beginning to look similar to Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend Caitlin Beadles to me. Even though they really don't look much alike at all. And both are only really famous-by-association, so is this entire discussion null and void?

L: Caitlin Beadles, R: Gemma Styles
[Photos: a non-legitimate-looking Caitlin Beadles blog and Gemma Styles' Twitter account. Very official, I know]

I think the two girls have really different looks, actually. Gemma has a more classic look to her, while Caitlin is just more American looking. Obviously.

And since we're doing side-by-side shots of "look-a-likes", I might as well back up my previous claim by posting some pics of The X Factor contestant (and member of boy band One Direction) Harry Styles (little brother to Gemma Styles, above) and Adam Brody (from The O.C., lest we have already forgotten who he is in the 4 years since The O.C. has gone off the air).

L: Harry Styles, R: Adam Brody
[Photos: Gemma Styles' Twitter and]

L: Adam Brody, R: Harry Styles
[Photos: and]

Mmm. I hadn't forgotten who Adam Brody is, but I'd forgotten how good looking he is. If Harry Styles looks like Adam Brody when he hits 22, I'd consider him blessed. Not that he isn't already, in his own way. They really don't look much alike either, but they do have the same general look.

I don't hate it.

Here especially, Harry Styles (L) and Gemma Styles (R) look like the respective people mentioned.
[Photo: many Harry Styles fan Tumblrs]

Stay tuned for more celeb gossip to come! Maxine is back.

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